Hi! I'm Amanda

I'm a lover of many things--black and white movies, historic houses, dogs that look like old men, and anything that requires chocolate. Most of all, I love books. Seriously. When I was four, I made Barbie write a book entitled "The Magic of High Heels." I have wanted to be a professional reader and writer ever since I realized that Ballerina Dolphin Trainer was not actually a real job. It is quite simple: stories are my passion.

Here at Page Turner I want to focus on things that inspire, inform, and renew. That comes not just from the stories in books, but the stories told in all facets of life. Whether we talk about lipstick, kitchens, or the Revolutionary War, or muse upon faith, family, and the modern world, let's focus on what brings joy, makes us better, and leaves us refreshed. But yeah, mostly books. 

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